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The #1 Rated Mercedes Repair and Service Center in Atlanta, GA

Timeless and very modern is a great way to describe the ever-popular Mercedes Benz. This car is legendary for its street-savvy style, as well as, its long-term durability. This is the car that many people dream about owning, and that includes many of us that work on them every day. As a Mercedes owner, you don’t just want your car to look awesome – you want it to remain at peak performance as well. Fortunately, here at Munich West we are totally invested in providing you with the best Mercedes repair and service experience in Atlanta.

The modern Mercedes Benz runs on the power of sophisticated computer technology, which requires specialized experience to diagnose properly. We have the latest diagnostic equipment to assist us in performing all types of maintenance on your vehicle. Whether you need the occasional oil change, tire rotation or a full workup, our experts are ready and able to give you top-notch service. With regular maintenance checks, your Mercedes should continue to be a highly impressive and classy way to get around Atlanta and everywhere else.

Did you know that Mercedes Benz now has its own line of luxury furniture? Well, we can’t help you out with that, but we can do pretty much everything when it comes to maintaining these wonderful cars.

Mercedes General Maintenance You Can Rely On

Driving a Mercedes Benz is an exquisite experience like no other in the world. This brand has a long tradition of producing classy cars, however, it is not stuck in the past. Modern versions have included many technological improvements. This means that we here at Munich West must always be on our toes in following all of the latest innovations for your car.

Just as the Mercedes is a trusted brand, we too are a trusted name when it comes time to service your Mercedes in Tucker, Atlanta, Decatur, and Stone Mountain, GA. We have up to date diagnostic equipment that provides us with specific details about each model. When you bring your car to us we will take a look at the data from your Mercedes to determine optimal operating conditions, how much oil has been used, miles between service checks and much more.

The expert foreign car repair technicians here at Munich West will analyze the entire spectrum of your vehicle and only recommend maintenance and repairs that are absolutely required. Our service is built on trust between our customers and us, and this is exactly the way we like doing business. Be assured that when you bring your favorite car to us for maintenance or repair work, we’ll take extra special care with it at all times. We also enjoy working on older model Mercedes, as these too require some very special TLC in order to keep them running in tip-top shape. So feel free to bring us your classic or modern Mercedes and we’ll do a thoroughly professional job.

Our Top-Rate Service Includes:

  • ASE Certified Technicians
  • Modern Computer Diagnostics
  • Genuine Mercedes Parts and OEM parts
  • Special Knowledge About Mercedes Car Models
  • Affordable Service Equal to Dealership Standards

Mercedes Fun Fact: The 1928 Mercedes-Benz SSK was known as the fastest car in the world reaching a top speed of 120 miles per hour.

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