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Tricks to Enhance Your Car’s Fuel Performance

Car Fuel Economy

Posted on December 18, 2017 by Amy No Comments

One of the most attractive qualities of a vehicle when we go looking for a new car is the estimated fuel performance. Since sometimes these estimates aren’t always accurate, it is important to determine whether the difference in fuel efficiency is due to something out of your control or not. Fuel economy estimates are often based upon average driving styles and driving conditions, leaving little room for variation under extreme conditions. For instance, in the warmer regions of the world fuel estimates are generally lower, as cars burn more fuel during warmer temperatures—especially if drivers frequently use their air conditioning. However, enhancing our car’s fuel performance is often well within our control. Here are several tricks to use that can help improve your fuel efficiency.

Regular Oil Changes and Tune-Ups

Routine inspections and services are critical to maintaining your vehicle’s overall health and performance, and this is especially true when it comes to fuel efficiency. When your car is in optimal working condition, the engine runs at the lowest possible capacity to perform well, which translates into less gas usage. By keeping your engine oil clean and maintaining the other critical parts of your vehicle, the car will perform at its best at all times. Furthermore, for informed guidance, following your car’s recommended schedule of maintenance will help keep all the various parts in optimal condition.

Use the Right Kind of Gas

Not all cars are created equally, and this means that they all require different things in order to run perfectly. You might have to adjust they type of motor oil you use, or transmission fluid, depending on the type of vehicle you drive; this is also true of gasoline. You might notice each time you go to the pump that there are different options for gasoline—some are higher octane and required for many European luxury vehicles. The type of gasoline your vehicle needs can usually be found in your specific manufacturer-issued owner’s manual, along with a recommended schedule of maintenance.

Assess and Adjust Your Driving Habits

Some of us drive the speed limit, some of us drive below…and some of us drive above it. If you own a luxury vehicle, your patience might be tested, occasionally leading to outbursts in acceleration. Having a lead foot occasionally likely won’t hurt your vehicle’s fuel efficiency; however, the more often you accelerate and brake quickly, the higher the chance that your driving habits are directly affecting your fuel performance. One of the quickest ways to improve your fuel efficiency is to assess and adjust your driving habits. You might even find that it keeps you calmer while driving all together and avoiding instances of road rage.

Have Tires Inspected and Replaced When Needed

Your tires are what connects your vehicle to the ground, and when they become worn or damaged it can certainly take a toll on your vehicle’s performance—especially fuel efficiency. You can keep an eye on your tires yourself by looking at the wear patterns and noticing any changes or unevenness. If you aren’t sure how to check your tire wear patterns for efficiency, be sure to consult with a professional. Replacing your tires can keep other areas of your car running smoothly.

Track and Report Sudden or Gradual Changes in Fuel Economy

Keeping track of your gas mileage is a great way to notice any sudden or gradual changes in fuel economy. If you find anything concerning, it’s always important to report such changes to your trusted automotive specialist. By noticing issues early-on your automotive technicians can diagnose problems before they become catastrophes.

How We Can Help

The experts here at Munich West have over four decades Filling Car Fuel of experience with clients in the areas near Decatur, and Atlanta, GA. Since we specialize in European cars, such as BMW and Mercedes, we hold ourselves to a high standard that matches the brands we service, and ultimately sets us apart from our competition. Dealerships and many of the nearby automotive shops exploit their clients with unnecessary automotive repair work. Instead, we approach automotive care with a holistic attitude—we know that earning our clients’ trust is more important in the long-run, so we pride ourselves on preventive care in helping our clients maintain their vehicles, not wait for them to break to repair them. For more information about how we can help improve your car’s fuel performance, call us today to schedule a consult or to speak with one of our helpful technicians.