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Why You Should Maintain Optimal Fluid Levels in Your Car

Car Fluid Level Check

Posted on January 1, 2018 by Amy No Comments

Routine maintenance is important for the overall function and performance of any vehicle; however, if you forego all auto maintenance procedures, there is one simple task that should be performed as regularly as possible. Maintaining the fluids in your car is critical for the functionality of the engine and other systems. Fluid leaks can be a huge source of damage to engines or other systems. Closed systems like the brakes and transmission should never experience leaking; however, when hoses and other components become damaged, leaks can occur. Maintaining the optimal fluid levels in your vehicle can save you money in damages and repair bills and can keep your car running smoothly and reliably at all times. Here are some of the fluids that you should check and fill regularly:

Brake fluid

Both brake fluid and transmission fluid shouldn’t leak or become used up—in other words they should be full at all times. If you notice that either of these fluids is low, then you’ll likely notice a leak somewhere. Brake fluid should be kept clean and well-maintained so that your brakes work well. When brake fluid darkens, then that usually means it needs to be replaced. Your brake fluid should be monitored and maintained by a professional auto service center that can recommend other brake services as a safety precaution and preventive measure.

Transmission fluid

If you notice that your car is shifting gears roughly or making odd noises, you might be experiencing the effects of leaking or contaminated transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is usually a reddish color, and can turn dark brown when it has become contaminated. You can check your transmission fluid clarity and level while the car is running, and the dipstick is usually located near your motor oil dipstick. If you notice that the quality of the fluid is too dark or looks noticeably dirty, be sure to bring it to a trusted automotive shop. Of course, if the fluid appears to be low, immediately call your automotive specialist.

Motor oil

You hear it all the time: “if you don’t do any other maintenance task, make sure you at least change your oil!” and in a sense, this is sound advice. Engine oil is responsible for ensuring that the various working parts of your engine remain lubricated and running smoothly. When the engine oil becomes dirty due to a clogged air filter or begins to run low, this can be problematic for engine functioning. Checking your oil once a month and staying on top of regular oil changes can make all the difference in your vehicle’s performance.

Power-steering fluid

If you notice that it has become increasingly difficult to turn your car or you’re hearing strange noises while turning, there might be an issue with the quality or level of your power-steering fluid. It is important to keep this fluid clean and full at all times so that your car turns smoothly. This is especially important for high-performance cars that are designed to take turns smoothly and quickly.

Radiator fluid

If you have ever experienced your car overheating, then you probably know a little something about this fluid. Coolant, or radiator fluid, is what keeps your engine from overheating. Really, this fluid regulates the temperature of your engine and protects the components from extreme Car Transmission Fluid Change temperatures—hot or cold. Coolant does become low, but may lower rapidly the radiator itself or hoses become damaged, corroded, or punctured. It is important to keep this fluid full at all times, and even keep a back-up bottle in the car.

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