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Why A Oil Change Service Is Required

Posted on January 21, 2014 by admin No Comments

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Regularly changing a car’s engine oil is necessary to ensure proper engine function as well as to ensure that a vehicle engine lasts for as long as possible. Oil changes remove old, dirty engine oil and replace it with clean, fresh engine oil. What follows is a brief list outlining the main reasons to change a car’s engine oil.

Increase Engine Lubrication

  • Changing a vehicle’s engine oil on a regular basis ensures proper engine oil lubrication.

Regulation of Engine Operating Temperature

  • Changing a vehicle’s engine oil helps to regulate engine operating temperatures by replacing old, worn-out engine oil that cannot effectively absorb engine heat, with new, high-quality engine oil that effectively absorbs engine heat and helps to regulate engine operating temperatures.

Removal of Engine Wear Particles

  • As a vehicle engine operates, microscopic engine wear particles are created that get picked up by the engine oil and transported to the oil filter. Changing a vehicle’s engine oil ensures that engine wear particles are removed. Fresh oil is better able to absorb and transport engine wear particulate.local auto repair shop

Removal of Engine Sludge

  • Engine sludge–a combination of degraded engine oil, engine wear particles and dirt–can be highly damaging to an engine. Changing the oil removes engine sludge and helps maintain peak engine operating efficiency.

Reducing Engine Friction

  • Due to the constant motion of an engine’s internal parts, engine friction is created, which increases engine operating temperature and reduces engine life span. Clean, high-quality engine oil is better able to reduce engine friction and absorb engine heat.
Checking and keeping your oil in your car changed is important for the life of your car. Check with your local repair shop for the oil change schedule for your car, and make the proper arrangement to keep you car in top shape.