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3 Ways Know If Your BMW Transmission Is Going Bad

Posted on May 5, 2014 by admin No Comments

Duluth BMW Mechanic

When you bought your BMW, you probably were not thinking about what you would do when something went wrong in the future.  Foreign car repair can be different than other car repairs.  You will want to know what to expect with foreign car repair.  If you feel like there is something wrong with your BMW and you want to know if it is perhaps the transmission, here are three ways to give you a heads up as to whether or not that might actually be the problem.

Way 1: Listen

Get into your BMW and sit in the driver’s seat.  Turn on the engine and let the car warm up for a few minutes.  Once the car is ready, push on the gas pedal and rev the engine a couple of times.  Let the engine come back down to the idle position.  Then, shift into drive and press down on the brake pedal at once.  While you do this, listen to the transmission and how it engages.  If the transmission is going bad, you will hear a clicking sound when it engages.  It might even lurch a little bit.  You will want to take the vehicle in for foreign car repair.

Way 2: Feel

Sit in your vehicle and shift through the gears.  Make sure you do not skip reverse.  You will stay in one spot before you drive to test the transmission further.  Try to get a feel for how the transmission is operating.  If the vehicle does not have the same feel to it when you shift the gears in a sitting position, you may want to look into foreign car repair.  The problem might not be large yet, but if you do not get it repaired soon, it could turn into a bigger issue.

Way 3: Drive

Take the vehicle for a test drive after you listen to how the gears sound.  When you are stopped, put the vehicle into drive and try to accelerate quickly from the stopped position.  Shift into all the gears other than overdrive.  Listen to the vehicle and see if it sounds or feels sluggish in its response.  If you hear a clicking sound, you might have an issue.  Otherwise, if you feel a slowness in the response of the vehicle, you should take it in.

Foreign car repair might feel foreign, but with a little information, you can figure it out.