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Mercedes’ Car-to-X Communications Systems Will Help You Navigate Atlanta Traffic More Easily

Posted on 07/24/13 by admin No Comments

Mercedes will include the system in an upcoming new model. Source: Axion23

Rear-view cameras and blind-spot monitors are relatively new safety additions across many automakers. But within the next model year, Mercedes Benz is set to introduce the next major …

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Does Your Volvo or Mercedes Qualify for the High-Mileage Club? Learn How to Maximize Your High-Mileage Cars in Atlanta

Posted on 06/12/13 by admin No Comments

Keep your car running with regular maintenance at Munich West.

There was a time in the country when all the cars on the highways and byways of America had odometers that read only up to 99,999 miles. Once you hit …

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Tips for Maintaining the Life of Your Tires

Posted on 05/22/13 by admin No Comments

Clean tires last a lot longer.

While many drivers consider cleaning their wheels and tires an important part of maintaining their car’s appearance, it can also help extend the life of both. For better gas mileage and to save on …

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Recommended Service Schedule for Volvo Automobiles in Decatur

Posted on 05/15/13 by admin No Comments

Keep your Volvo running longer with our tips and tricks.

Anyone who has ever cared for their own vehicle knows that there is routine maintenance that needs to be done every so often to keep their car or truck on …

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What Will the World Car of the Year Be: Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz?

Posted on 04/24/13 by admin No Comments

Will the A-Class take the award?

It is down to the final four cars competing for title of World Car of the Year. With an announcement expected by the end of March, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Porsche Boxster/Cayman, Volkswagen Golf …

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Prevent Rust From Taking Over Your Car

Posted on 03/26/13 by admin No Comments

Our tips can get rid of that rust.

Taking care of the moving parts that keep our cars in motion comes as second nature to many car owners. But your vehicle needs special care as well to keep its number …

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Routine Car Maintenance That Should Never be Overlooked

Posted on 03/12/13 by admin No Comments

We’ll keep your SAAB running for ages.

When it comes to taking care of your car, there are a few routine maintenance procedures that everyone is familiar with. Rotate your tires for even wear, changing the oil every 3,000 miles …

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Welcome to Your New Online Home for Munich West in Decatur, GA!

Posted on 02/21/13 by admin No Comments

We love to talk cars!

Welcome to your new virtual gathering place for Munich West, a blog for import automobile owners, car enthusiasts and hobbyists, customers and mechanics in the metro Atlanta area!  Consider this blog your one-stop source …

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