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Learn How to Tell When Your Serpentine Belt Needs Replacing

Posted on 07/17/13 by admin No Comments

Have your serpentine belt checked if you here squealing. Source: osunick

If you have ever looked under the hood of your car, you may have seen your serpentine belt. Long and twisting throughout your engine, it is the part that …

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Georgia’s Clean Air Force Explains Emissions Testing and Helps You Prepare for a Test

Posted on 07/10/13 by admin No Comments

It’s important to have your cars emissions tested. Source: AVTC

The State of Georgia takes the quality of its air very seriously. One of the largest sources of air pollutants are the vehicles we drive to work every day. On …

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Tips to Protect Your Car’s Interior from Sun and Heat Damage this Summer in Decatur

Posted on 06/26/13 by admin No Comments

Parking in the shade will protect your car.

Most mechanics will tell you that if you change your car’s oil every 3,000 miles, it will run for a very long time. Knowing how to protect your car’s interior may not …

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Do You Know When to Get Your Brakes Checked? Look and Listen for These Signs

Posted on 06/19/13 by admin No Comments

Make sure your brakes are working at their best.

There is perhaps no part of your vehicle more important to your personal safety and the safety of those riding with you than your brakes. If your car is exhibiting any …

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Does Your Volvo or Mercedes Qualify for the High-Mileage Club? Learn How to Maximize Your High-Mileage Cars in Atlanta

Posted on 06/12/13 by admin No Comments

Keep your car running with regular maintenance at Munich West.

There was a time in the country when all the cars on the highways and byways of America had odometers that read only up to 99,999 miles. Once you hit …

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Identify the Warning Signs of Engine Trouble Before Your Car Breaks Down in Decatur

Posted on 06/05/13 by admin No Comments

It may be time to have your engine checked.

Maybe you have heard that strange noise coming from under your hood or felt your car lurch when you accelerate to merge on to the highway. Maybe you have quietly hoped …

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Top Tips for Summer Car Maintenance in Atlanta

Posted on 05/29/13 by admin No Comments

Keep your car clean to preserve the paint.

Due to the obvious hazards of winter driving, preventative auto maintenance when the snow starts flying gets a lot more attention thanĀ summer car maintenance does. While the hazards differ greatly, ignoring …

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What Will the World Car of the Year Be: Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz?

Posted on 04/24/13 by admin No Comments

Will the A-Class take the award?

It is down to the final four cars competing for title of World Car of the Year. With an announcement expected by the end of March, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Porsche Boxster/Cayman, Volkswagen Golf …

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Have a First Look at the Mercedes-Benz 2014 S-Class

Posted on 04/17/13 by admin No Comments

There are many new features on this year’s S-Class.

Since 1972, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has consistently raised the bar with each new generation. As the Mercedes-Benz 2014 S-Class prepares to emerge to the general public, Mercedes-Benz has released images of …

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How to Remove Pollen While Preserving Your Car’s Paint Job

Posted on 04/10/13 by admin No Comments

Pollen gets everywhere this time of year.

We all know that April showers bring May flowers. Unfortunately, those flowers often bring with them a big dose of spring pollen, bringing with it the unending need to clean the surfaces of …

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