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Atlanta’s Most Trusted Volvo Repair & Service Center

In fairy tale lingo, a Volvo is “the little car that could.” Year after year it keeps chugging along while other car brands bite the dust. This is one car that is built to stand the test of time and we can certainly vouch for that. Our Munich West team sees a lot of Volvos come through our doors and they range from brand new to decades old. As a Volvo owner you have invested in not just a car, but also a vehicle that can protect you and your family while traveling in all sorts of road conditions.

The Volvo is built to feature safety first and this is why they are so successful at lasting for long periods of time. Also, we find that Volvo drivers tend to be a lot more safety-minded while behind the wheel. We know that you are depending on your car to protect you while on the road and that is why we make sure to use only factory specified parts. To keep your Volvo running in tip-top shape, we recommend that you bring it in to us for routine maintenance. We can then check for any potential problems and nip them in the bud before they become too expensive. However, if something should go wrong in a big way, and you need a specialized Volvo specialist, we can provide the needed repairs at a very affordable cost. Our Volvo service center in Atlanta services cars from Tucker, Stone Mountain, and Decatur, Georgia.

Here at Munich West in Atlanta, we love making Volvo owners happy, because when you’re happy, we are too.

Specialized Volvo Maintenance You Can Depend On

Volvo is considered by many to be the most trusted name when it comes to building high quality cars that keep you safe. Here at Munich West we have seen plenty of Volvos with over 100,000 miles on them. Cars that are well maintained throughout the years have been known to reach upwards of 500,000 miles. Now that’s saying something about how well this car performs in peak condition.

In order to reach these great levels of endurance it is really important that you bring your car in for regular general maintenance. Regular visits may include checking the antifreeze, brakes, air filter, oil pressure, tires and much more. We use Volvo compatible technology to scan for any internal engine issues or problems. With regular check ups we can compile a diagnostic history for your vehicle and keep you on track with regularly scheduled maintenance.

If your car should develop a problem that requires more detailed analysis and work, we are more than happy to be your exclusive Atlanta Volvo repair service provider. A lot of long-time Volvo owners trust us to take expert care of their car whether it is just for a day or longer. With the professional foreign auto repair team at Munich West in your corner, you’ll be driving your trusty Volvo for many years.

Our Top-Rate Service Includes:

  •  ASE Certified Technicians
  • Up to Date Computer Diagnostics
  • Genuine Volvo Parts and OEM parts
  • Regular Tune Ups and In-Depth Maintenance
  • Special Knowledge About Volvo Car Models

Volvo Fun Fact: Volvo became a popular car to drive when actor Roger Moore drove the Volvo P1800 in his hit 1960s TV series The Saint.

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