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Certified Saab Repair and Service Center In Atlanta

Atlanta Saab Repair, Service, and PartsA Saab is a truly unique, one-of-a-kind car that is made by independent thinkers for independent drivers. What makes a Saab truly special is how it makes you feel when you get inside and sit behind the wheel. It almost defies expression – you just kind of know that this car is like no other in look or the way it handles the road. As a Saab owner, you are a member of a special club of likeminded car brand enthusiasts. We too admire this vehicle for its bold sense of style and excellent reputation for high quality. When you bring your car to Munich West for any kind of repair or routine service, we will handle it with care and expert attention.

One of the main things that really make a Saab distinctive is that big turbocharged engine underneath the hood. It is powerful, yet delicate in nature. You should never entrust an engine like this to anyone who is unskilled in maintaining this type of car. Our highly trained technicians here at Munich West know the ins and outs of dealing with all Saab models. As a matter of fact, we have identified a particular issue that you need to be aware of: sludge oil buildup. This is a major problem for Saab owners in the Tucker, Atlanta, Decatur, and Stone Mountain areas of Georgia.

Sludge can easily build up in the oil pan area causing it to become clogged. As a result, it leads to no or low oil pressure problems and severe engine damage. To prevent this from happening to your beloved car, we recommend that you bring it in to us for an oil change every 3000 miles.

Saab Regular Maintenance and Service

Getting behind the wheel of a SAAB is an adventure. The dashboard design resembles the cockpit of an airplane and you indeed feel like you’re going to take flight. One of the great things about being a SAAB owner is that you aren’t going to see another car like yours very often. These are cars made for individuals that prize innovation and a unique driving experience.

The rare nature of this vehicle means that you can’t simply drive into any mechanic shop and have them take a look under the hood. More often than not most auto service shops do not have any experience with this amazing vehicle. That’s why we recommend you bring your Saab straight to us for all of it’s maintenance needs.

Munich West has factory-trained technicians that can quickly analyze your car using up-to-date scanning technology. It can be difficult to find SAAB parts but we know where to get them, and, more importantly, how to install them properly so that your car runs smoothly. We understand that you love your car and appreciate that it has both beauty and extreme reliability. We totally get why you must have this car above all others.

Give us a call or bring your car in and see why we are the best Saab service and maintenance shop in the Atlanta area.

Our Top-Rate Service Includes:

  • ASE Certified Technicians
  • The Latest Computer Diagnostics
  • Authentic Saab Parts and OEM parts
  • Timely Oil Change and Sludge Removal
  • Special Knowledge About Saab Car Models

Saab Fun Fact: 16 Swedish aircraft engineers founded Saab in 1946 – only one of them had a driver’s license.

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