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A BMW is a marquee car that commands attention both on the road and off. We know that as an owner you love its classic European styling and sturdy ride. It is one of those cars that are certain to turn heads when others see it on the street. Here at Munich West we too admire this beauty of a car and have come to appreciate it’s various complexities. As with many high-end cars of this nature, it can be a bit fussy at times. While the dealer may tell you that your BMW can go quite a while without maintenance, we recommend that you have it serviced every six months to keep it running smoothly.

Technology is a beautiful thing, but is quite famous for having unexpected snafus. Most of these unfortunate incidences can be prevented with proper maintenance. For instance, your BMW may indicate that it needs an oil change around every 15,000 miles. But what you don’t know is that sludge is building up during this time and may cause some damage way before that time expires. A lot of BMW repair issues in Tucker, Atlanta, Decatur, and Stone Mountain, GA involve this particular build-up problem.

Another common issue we have found is that the oil pump may have loose bolts, which can damage the engine if left unchecked. These problems can be resolved easily if taken care of in the early stages. In our years of experience, we have found that preventative maintenance is the best way to keep overall repair costs down and get the most enjoyment out of owning your BMW.

BMW Maintenance Specialists You Can Trust

The BMW is one of the world’s best made cars due to the care that is taken in creating each and every part. As a driver, you feel the car responding to your every move when behind the wheel. This seamless responsiveness is why this car is considered by many to be the ultimate driving experience. Each car part has a specific purpose. For instance, the kidney grilles on front provide excellent cooling for the internal parts.

Munich West obtains and installs approved BMW factory parts for all repairs and services that we do because anything less simply won’t work. From headlights to tires, these car parts are what make BMW such a huge success on the road. But parts are nothing without the expertise needed to ensure proper installment and maintenance. Our years of experience in BMW repair in Atlanta gives us a clear advantage in caring for your car.

We have many satisfied BMW owners that come back to us year after year for general maintenance and car repair service because they know we get the job done right. Maintaining the security and comfort of your BMW is our top priority.

Our Top-Rate Service Includes:

  • ASE Certified Technicians
  • Specialized Scheduled BMW Maintenance
  • Wide Range of Knowledge About BMW Models
  • Up to Date Info on All Factory Bulletins and Recalls
  • Save up to 50% on BMW Main Dealer Servicing Costs
  • We Will Stamp and Validate Your BMW Warranty Book

BMW Fun Fact: BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) was originally founded in 1913 to make airplane engines.

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Here’s what some of our BMW service customers have to say:

Ron Medlin

Here is one of our BMW X5 repair customers, we were able to save him $2200 under dealer costsAfter taking my BMW X5 to one of the local bmw dealerships in Atlanta (I won’t name names), I was told that I needed a new radiator. Total cost just under $2500. I decided to get a second opinion because I’m skeptical of dealerships in the first place and know they tend to be extremely expensive took my car to Munich West, a BMW repair shop in Decatur. After checking it out Mike, the owner, told me the radiator was fine, only problem was a small leak that would cost about $300 to fix. Total savings $2200, cha ching lol. Mike and the guys at Munich West did a great job fixing my X5 and saved me a ton of money. I would have no problem recommending them to my friends and family. Thanks Mike!

5 / 5 stars