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Volkswagen is truly the “people’s car.” The Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 and Volkswagen Golf models are the third and fourth top selling vehicles across the world. Not only do Volkswagen vehicles have great fuel mileage and longevity, they’re also full of personality, history, and community. We’ve often seen VW owners give a friendly wave to one another as they pass. Volkswagen owners are some of the most loyal, enthusiastic motorists around, and we understand why!

Volkswagens have been known to run for hundreds of thousands of miles. Take care of your car as well as it takes care of you. Here at Munich West, we can help preserve your stylish, iconic vehicle, so it stays in optimum shape. We are a local group of world-class vehicle mechanics, and we want to partner with you for the life of your vehicle.

You deserve a car you can depend on and be proud of, and regular maintenance and repairs done with OEM parts is the best way to keep your vehicle stunning and reliable. We want to help you keep your Volkswagen in the best shape possible so we use quality Volkswagen parts and stay current with Volkswagen’s latest engineering innovations and diagnostic requirements. Munich West employs ASE certified mechanics who are specially trained to give your car the preventative maintenance and repair service it needs, along with troubleshooting any issues that might arise with your Volkswagen car of SUV.

You don’t have to go to the dealership to keep your original warranty. We can provide the same superior service you get at the dealership for a more reasonable price. When you leave your car in our care, you can trust we will give it exactly the type of service it needs. We provide quality care for Volvo owners in Tucker, Atlanta, Decatur, and Stone Mountain.

Volkswagen Specialists For Over 20 Years

Your Volkswagen is a smooth-driving, well-crafted vehicle, and it requires regular maintenance to keep it finely tuned. German vehicles are built with the philosophy that function is just as important as form, and historically, they have set the standard for quality engineering. Today, Volkswagen is setting the pace with new designs and company focus. The leader of Volkswagen declared that VW will continue to be the world’s most “fascinating and sustainable” auto brand. Munich West technicians are auto enthusiasts trained to keep your car on its regular maintenance plan and analyze your vehicle to ensure all systems are running at prime levels.

We can inspect your vehicle to be sure it’s ready for winter, summer, or the heavy Atlanta traffic of any season. At Munich West, we do everything from routine service items like changing your oil and wipers to replacing your smart key and more extensive repairs like servicing your brakes or replacing a transmission. We take pride in providing timely service that keeps you returning and keeps your Volkswagen in fantastic shape.

Call us or come by if have any questions about your vehicle. We love to talk imported cars! We want you to be as knowledgeable about your Volkswagen as you are excited to drive it. Partner with Munich West for the care of your Volkswagen.

Our Top-Rate Service Includes:
• ASE Certified Technicians
• Quality Volkswagen Parts
• Timely and Reliable Service
• Thorough Inspection and Diagnosis

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