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How to Decrease Acceleration Stumble in Your MINI

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Posted on January 16, 2018 by Amy No Comments

Buying a performance vehicle like a Mini Cooper is an investment, and it takes effort in order to keep it running optimally. Even with the proper engine care and ongoing maintenance, following the routine maintenance schedule set forth by the manufacturer, you will likely still encounter issues occasionally. While preventive care can go a long way, it doesn’t solve all the issues. Mechanically-speaking, automobiles are imperfect—they have flaws in their design, engineering, and structure that are inevitable. Although MINI brand cars are known for their durability, endurance, and performance, there are several issues that are common amongst various models of the brand.

One common problem that automotive shops across the globe have seen occur in MINI cars is acceleration stumbling. This is a frustrating problem to encounter for the average MINI driver, as consumers tend to expect quick acceleration to remain a constant benefit of the brand. Fortunately, the problem is preventable and fixable. There are several symptoms that generally accompany acceleration stumbling in your Mini, and the problem could be due to a number of causes. Here is a little more information about this MINI issue and how you can prevent it or fix it in your own Mini Cooper.

Associated Symptoms

Acceleration stumbling might be described by drivers as one of these other symptoms: engine hesitation or decreased power. Unfortunately, this description is inherently vague, as these engine problems can occur due to a number of very different problems. It’s important to pay close attention to how your MINI performs on average, and in what specific context the problem occurs under. This can tell your automotive specialist a lot about how to replicate the problem themselves and what diagnostic processes to go through to find the real source of the issue. Another symptom associated with acceleration stumbling is engine misfire. If the problem goes on long enough, engine misfire could certainly occur.

Common Causes

The cause of your MINI’s acceleration stumbling is likely unknown at this point in time; however, by bringing your car to the right MINI specialist you can spare yourself the tedious process of inaccurate diagnosis and trial and error—after all, who has the time or money for that? Here are a few of the typical sources of acceleration issues in Mini Cooper vehicles:

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

The throttle position sensor plays a role in maintaining the correct fuel to air ratio that helps your engine ignite and combust, making it “go.” It could be that the sensor is not producing the correct information about the throttle position openness, leading to incorrect amounts of fuel to be dispersed into the engine.

Clogged or Dirty Fuel Injectors

Another common problem that leads to acceleration stumbling is malfunctioning, failing, or clogged fuel injectors. Your fuel injectors “inject” fuel in a very specific manner—they spray or mist fuel for optimal combustion. When there is a clog in your injector, they tend to leak fuel instead of producing it in the proper manner. This causes a lean fuel ratio—where the amount of fuel isn’t enough to adequately combine with the amount of air in your engine, causing your engine to hesitate, lose power, or even misfire.

How to Prevent or Fix Acceleration Stumble

The aforementioned issues can cause serious side effects in your MINI, including forcing your vehicle into limp mode at the most inconvenient times—as if stumbling upon acceleration isn’t impractical enough. Preventing these issues from occurring begins with proper maintenance and care. Having routine inspections can help keep your MINI running optimally at all times, and should you still encounter an issue, it’s important to know who to take your car to for help.

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How We Can Help

The diagnostic process is the most critical part of automotive repair because it is the only chance to accurately assess the problem and find the right solution. The professionals here at Munich West have been serving clients in the areas near Decatur and Atlanta, GA, since 1976—that’s over 4 decades of service! Specializing in European imports, including MINI vehicles, we are familiar with how to diagnose the source of acceleration stumbling. Armed with the proper tools and equipment in combination with decades of experience, knowledge, and skill, we can help you diagnose your MINI and get it back to its old self. To schedule an appointment, contact our shop directly.

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