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Tips for Choosing the Right Foreign Car Repair Service

Posted on October 20, 2016 by admin No Comments

There’s a reason automobile lovers purchase European cars. Their overall elegance and perfection, along with dynamic design elements, luxurious interiors, and a reputation for superior handling, have earned the respect of those who love to drive. If you are the owner of a European car, you want maintenance or repairs performed by an auto technician who specializes in European autos.

Auto technicians who are experienced in European car repairs are familiar with each model’s overall mechanics and design. Whether it is a timing belt repair for an Audi A4, a sticky lift gate on a Mercedes ML350, or an electrical problem on a BMW 3 Series, look for a shop specializing in foreign auto repair in Atlanta.

Here are some tips for choosing the right foreign car repair service.

General Mechanic vs. European Specialist

Why take your European dream machine to a regular mechanic who has little or no experience with foreign cars? Auto technicians specializing in European car repairs stay current through the latest bulletins from the manufacturers, and are familiar with the known problems for your car’s make and model. They recognize not only the hum of a healthy car engine, but the hisses or pops of an engine that is experiencing problems. If you take your Saab in for repairs and the technician pulls out a how-to manual, that is a pretty good sign you should go elsewhere.

Certified Parts and Tools

European cars require highly sophisticated diagnostic instrumentation used to scan your car for problems. This technology allows the European auto tech specialist to check each system and each individual part of the engine to find the specific cause of a car’s problem. Not all shops have this equipment available. Authentic, certified parts are important to the health and long mechanical life of your vehicle, so verify that only certified parts are used by the shop. You wouldn’t want an inferior generic car part used in your Audi repair.

Established in Community

It is much easier to verify the service record of businesses that have established ties to the community. Check the company’s website. Most auto repair services will proudly display how many years they’ve been in business, along with any specializations or industry awards they’ve earned, and customer reviews. Also, check with the Atlanta Metro Better Business Bureau. Not only will you find the number of complaints filed against the business, you’ll also see how many of those were resolved.


Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification is an industry standard. This non-profit organization trains and certifies automotive professionals, not the shops they work in. To earn an ASE certification, the auto technician must have a minimum of 2 years of on-the-job experience, or 1-year on-the-job experience and a 2-year degree in automotive technology. ASE certified technicians must retest every 5 years to remain certified. Verify that the technician at your chosen foreign car service and repair in Atlanta is certified.