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5 Reasons European Car Repair Should Be Done by Professionals

Posted on September 20, 2016 by admin No Comments

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If you owned any ordinary vehicle, you could pop the hood and perform repairs on your own. But if you own a European vehicle, then you own a machine on another level, one that requires the professional touch of a European car repair shop in Atlanta. Whether you visit your dealership or—for better value and more attentive service—an independent mechanic specializing in European car repair in Atlanta, only a professional mechanic belongs under the hood of your vehicle. Here are 5 reasons why.

  • Fluids are vital to the safe and effective operation of your vehicle. These fluids all need to be restocked and occasionally flushed. While anyone off the street could tell you when your fluid levels are low, it takes a professional to understand when the different fluids are deteriorating, burning, leaking, or sitting in a filter that needs replacing. These fluids can be responsible for a wide variety of common vehicle problems.
  • Then there are more complex issues. Take complications with the clutch, for example. Working on the clutch of a European vehicle usually requires that you drop the engine, something amateur repair aficionados are neither qualified nor equipped to pull off.
  • Any repair work that involved lifting your vehicle and working on its undercarriage—sensor and shock problems, for example—must be done in a garage with a hydraulic lift. Attempting to jack up the vehicle or lift it through other means in your home garage is a dangerous mistake, and people are often killed while working under their vehicles. Untrained car owners can be crushed or drop heavy items onto themselves while working under European cars.
  • Car repair in AtlantaMost importantly, you should remember that you do not just own any ordinary vehicle. Delicate and precise work went into building your European car. A G-class Mercedes SUV, for example, will typically include a handcrafted engine. Repairs on this engine, therefore, require the handiwork of a European car-certified technician in Atlanta. No amount of home research or experience can prepare you to work on such an intricately built engine.
  • The airbags, A/C units, and many other components of your vehicle are also unique. American- and Asian-made vehicles are familiar to most amateur mechanics, but European vehicles have a distinct character. In other words, components like the gears and differentials of a Fiat or BMW are unique from cars of any other make and require specialized knowledge. European automotive service in Atlanta should therefore be handled by trained professionals.

So if you are fortunate enough to own a European-made vehicle, do not trust your own skills or even an ordinary mechanic with your vehicle. Leave its repairs to professional European car repair in Atlanta, where the mechanics have the knowledge and finesse to treat your vehicle right.