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The Mercedes Benz Summer Service and Repair Checklist

Posted on June 14, 2016 by admin No Comments

Mercedes Benz in Atlanta GA

This summer is a time for relaxation and bright, stress-free days, especially for children. For adults, realistically, it is the best time for us to take care of important errands, like renewing licenses and having our homes cleaned. Compiling a to-do list of summer errands can be stressful, but we can assist with one convenient list: Mercedes repair and service in Atlanta. Here are some important services and repairs to take care of now, while your vehicle is in working order and before you incur expensive-to-repair damage:

  • Have your battery inspected for signs of rust. Also have the electrolyte levels tested in order to prevent an unexpected dead battery.
  • Have your windshield wiper system inspected. The inserts should be secure and the washer system should be inspected for sufficient fluid levels and function. Clear windshields are essential for safe driving.
  • Have all belts, hoses, and the undercarriage of your Mercedes Benz vehicle inspected. Are any belts worn? Are any of the hoses pinched or fraying? Is the undercarriage clogged with foreign matter? Any of these problems can interrupt the safe and ordinary function of your vehicle.
  • Have all of your lights inspected. Dim, dead, or malfunctioning lights can make driving unsafe and can result in expensive citations.
  • Submit your car to a simple brake inspection. Even a slight brake malfunction can result in an accident. Mercedes Benz vehicles are renowned for their safety features, but that assumes that everything is working properly.
  • All Mercedes Benz vehicles without staggered wheels should have a tire rotation. All Mercedes vehicles should have their tire pressure regulated and have the tires inspected for punctures and worn tread.
  • Mercedes repair and service should always include synthetic oil replacement and an oil filter replacement when necessary. In addition, the oil tank may need to be flushed on a regular basis to ensure the oil is always clean and effective.
  • Have your vehicle inspected for damage that may have gone unnoticed. For example, you may have dents, scratches, and chipped paint on the passenger side of your vehicle—an area that is rarely given a close inspection.
  • Finally, service attendants can reset the service counter in your vehicle, or the computerized maintenance timer that alerts you with a variety of indication lights on your dashboard.

Headlight of Mercedes Benz in Atlanta GAWhile we cannot predict the lifetime of your vehicle, we can assure you that regular Mercedes repair and service will drastically prolong the safety, comfort, durability, and lifetime of your Mercedes Benz. If you take pride in your luxury car—as well you should—commit to having these important services performed this summer. You will drive confidently through the rest of the year knowing your vehicle is confirmed safe and stable for thousands of miles.