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Tips to Keep Your European Car in Great Condition

Posted on April 15, 2016 by admin No Comments

As a European car repair shop, we see lots of different European automobiles every day. Some of them are in great condition, but some of them show signs of neglect that require expensive repairs in order to get the car back to great condition. In order to keep these vehicles in the best condition possible, we recommend taking the following steps.

Follow Maintenance Schedule

After purchasing the vehicle, get out the owner’s manual and read through it. Take the time to learn about the vehicle. Pay special attention to the maintenance schedule and the importance of following it. It is slightly different than manuals for American-made vehicles. Know the differences to help follow the schedule and complete actions, such as rotating the tires, flushing the transmission, or changing the oil.

Use an Experienced Technician

Don’t just go to any auto body shop for maintenance and repairs. Find an experienced technician who specializes in European cars. You’ll find that these technicians have the experience and specialized tools needed to make the necessary repairs. They can also quickly locate the replacement parts needed for repairs. Even though it’s more expensive, it’s important to use OEM parts rather than used or other low-quality parts in order to keep the vehicle running properly for as long as possible.

Choose the Right Oil

Experts recommend changing the oil every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, but it’s important to check the owner’s manual to determine how often an oil change is needed for the particular make and model. When selecting the oil to use, remember that American oil is made differently than European oil and could damage the vehicle. The oil should be up to European standards and contain the additives with special properties that meet the ACEA standards.

Keep the Gas Tank Full

Driving around with the gas tank low damages the pump of a European car. To protect the vehicle from damage, it’s important to keep the gas tank full. Once the tank gets down to the half-way mark, head to the nearest gas station to fill up. Also, know what grade is needed for the vehicle. Some even require diesel. Make sure to use the right gasoline every time.

Whether the vehicle requires European car repairs or maintenance, following these tips help keep European vehicles in great condition. If there are any questions about caring for a European car, contact us. We are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you have about your vehicle so we can help you keep it in great condition.