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Reducing BMW Repair Costs With Regular Servicing

Posted on May 17, 2014 by admin No Comments

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Your BMW is really a classy European vehicle, yet again from the German stable. It is anonymous with luxury, style and performance and forms part of the big three German autos. They have their mood swings, especially if they are not serviced at regular intervals. BMW agents charge ridiculous amounts for the same work; however, you need an auto repair shop who has withstood the test of time. At Munich West, an Atlanta BMW repair shop, you will find the exact same standards as in any BMW dealership.  The question remains why it is important to service your BMW regularly and by experts.

Engine life: Your BMW’s engine is the heart of the vehicle as as your heart is of your human vehicle, the body. If blood clots start forming, either you will die or a major heart operation is necessary. Exactly the same with your vehicle. Oil starts to sludge the longer you drive and this is unfortunately a common problem in BMWs’. Before you know it, you have to replace the engine or have very expensive work done. Oil levels also drop and oil pump bolts get loose. At Munich West, we recommend a scheduled maintenance check every six months, even if your manual states every 10 or 15 thousand miles.

Brakes: In order for you to ensure your and others’ safety on the road, it is vital that your vehicles’ brakes are in excellent working condition and braking properly. At Munich West, we ensure that your brakes and brake fluid levels are in pristine condition before we send your vehicle out. Replacing worn pads or discs are vital together with routine checks on brake fluid leaks. Annoying squeaky pads due to dust will also be repaired. Put safety first.

Tires, shocks and battery: Who wants to spend money on new tireswhilst only one part is worn? Even worse, you want to go to work, and the battery is flat. We check tires to ensure alignment is correct, shocks to ensure road holding is fine and your vehicle battery’s life.

Electrical: Your BMW’s electric system is thoroughly diagnosed and repaired should a fault exists.

Minor faults: Your BMW are placed on our diagnostic equipment and any minor fault will be reported. This islocal-bmw-repair-shop essential as minor faults turn into big expenses later.

Records: Proper record keeping is essential to build a history. We stamp your service book and have our own computerized record keeping.

Servicing your BMW at the right Atlanta BMW repair shop is essential in prolonging its life and saving up to 50% against BMW agents’ price.

Bring your BMW to Munich West Service & Repair for expert service and advice your one-stop Atlanta BMW repair shop.