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Remove The Stress Of High Prices For Mercedes SUV Repair

Posted on May 13, 2014 by admin No Comments

Mercedes SUV Repair

When top quality German vehicle design and performance are mentioned in a topic, three jumps out at you; Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW. One of these three, Mercedes Benz, has been around since 1926. It is associated with class, quality, performance and superior design. As a foreign auto in the states, it will cost you a pretty penny to take it to an agent for necessary repairs and services. If you can get better service around Atlanta with exactly the same equipment, spare parts and track record at a cheaper rate on your next Mercedes SUV repair, will you take it?

The answer is surely yes. At Munich West Service & Repair, you can be sure you will receive five start service through our dedicated technicians whom specializes in foreign auto repairs and services. We have been serving the communities in and around Atlanta since 1976 and have grown as vehicle technology has grown.

Service advisors: They are there for you, they will listen with intent and advise you with prompt communication on any extra work needed should the need arise. You will also be advised on worn parts of your vehicle before any maintenance or replacements done.

Trained technicians: Munich West’s auto mechanics are factory trained or ASE certified to be experts in what they do. They undergo ferocious training and as technology grows, so do they need to grow with technology. Even that grand old Mercedes SUV that still goes strong; they will be able to maintain to perform at its peak.

Original Mercedes parts: We only fit original Mercedes parts and no fakes will ever be installed. Whether it is the latest model or your 1989 350E, they all get original parts.

Diagnostics: Our technicians only use the latest software programs, diagnostic equipment in fault identifying and spec settings to ensure the right fault is identified at the right price, and the right specs are used.

Repairs: Not only is your luxury vehicle serviced to perfect standards, but necessary repairs are also done to your SUV. On your next Mercedes SUV repair, you will get exact faultfinding with expert advice on the most economical way to repair your vehicle by Munich West advisors.

General: Your foreign vehicle’s tires, shocks, battery, alignment and suspension will be checked and reported on. We look at tire wear and determine the cause of such wear. Is the vehicle’s road holding still stable through shocks and suspension checks.

On your next Mercedes SUV repair, bring your vehicle to Munich West Service & Repair and be amazed at how much you will save. In addition, we, also service the other two big names of German luxury vehicles.