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Finding the Right Atlanta Mechanic for Your BMW

Posted on April 9, 2014 by admin No Comments

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If you own a BMW you’ll want to find the right mechanic for your car. This is because you know your BMW is packed with the latest technology and has an engine that needs to be fine tuned to be at its best.

Not any mechanic will do for your car. You will want the best and you’ll want a mechanic that knows BMW’s inside and out. If you live in the Atlanta area, drop into Munich West. Munich West only do foreign car repair. We are experts in BMW service and repair work. Our technicians are factory trained to the highest standards. What’s more Munich West only uses BMW factory approved parts in all servicing and repair work. You rest assured only the best components are used every time. When you bring your car to us a member of staff will discuss your servicing needs and we promise never to encourage work that does not need doing. Munich West offers a quality job at fair prices.

Munich West has forty years of experience on foreign car repair this means we are experts in the field and know how to service every model of BMW past and present. What’s more we are totally committed to customer satisfaction. Munich West isn’t happy, if you’re not happy, we aim to give a first class service on every occasion.

We do more than just repair work we can look after your BMW from new until you trade it in. We have a computerized system and all work is recorded so we know you the customer and all about previous work done to your car. We can undertake much more than just annual servicing. Munich West can do exhaust work, clutch replacement, suspension, alignments and replace shock absorbers plus lots more.

Munich West believes in preventative servicing. We believe that spotting and replacing components before they fail will help to keep your car on the road longer and will save you both money and inconvenience in the long run. We also know from experience which components which are likely to fail first and can check these as a part of the service program.

Munich West are experts in foreign car repair and servicing.  Come along and talk about your BMW needs to one of our technicians and you’ll be assured of a friendly reception and helpful advice. Would you trust your BMW servicing and repair to anybody else other than experts in the field?