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Sandy Springs Foreign Car Heat and AC Repair

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There’s a single reason a company is still around after thirty five years – a superb track record of satisfied customers. 

Since 1976, Munich West has earned the reputation of the Atlanta area’s finest repair shop for foreign cars, specializing in Audi, BMW, VW,  Mercedes, Saab, Volvo, Mini Cooper and more.

With a combined wealth of experience of over ninety years, the principals of Munich West can help you with any problem of your European motorcar, from tune-ups to a complete engine rebuild.

You can start your relationship with Munich West before you buy, as they are the place to go for a pre-purchase check. Utilizing the latest diagnostic and repair tools, they will be able to tell you whether that dream deal you found is worth it or whether you should pass.

Other services available at Munich West include glass work, transmissions, exhaust systems, batteries and tires. The also do warranty work, and are equipped and ready to handle most work for new car and extended warranties.

Like most things today, cars utilize a great deal of technology to operate in peak condition, and there are more than a few computers under your hood.  It takes special equipment and training to be able to properly diagnose problems associated with automobile technology today, and Munich West always has the latest technology in-house to guide their professional staff through repairs. Munich West is conveniently located in Decatur, and you can reach out to them by phone at 404-296-6111,or start your inquiry online.