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Tips To Keeping Your Saab’s Brakes In Check for Atlanta Traffic

Posted on March 1, 2014 by admin No Comments

You can keep your Saab’s brakes working if you faithfully follow specific driving techniques. Your car’s brakes are crucial to a safe commute, especially considering the onslaught of snow and ice that has recently hit the area.

You should always brake with your right foot. If you pay close attention on the road you might notice cars moving at a constant fast rate of speed yet their brake lights keep flashing. Many of these drivers are using both feet to operate the vehicle’s pedals. Using the left foot to tap the brakes is totally unnecessary and strains braking pads.

Drivers should start coasting. Instead of slowing your vehicle by braking, lay off the gas and let the vehicle drop in speed. Once it achieves a lower speed, use the brake pedal. This will reduce brake wear and tear. Pay attention to where stoplights and stop signs are located. Coast towards them and apply the brakes once you’ve attained a low speed.

Brakes wear down quickly if you try to use them at high rates of speed. A stop from a fast speed will cause the brakes to expend significant energy. They’ll use up about thirty percent more energy when utilized at 65 mph compared to 55 mph. Brake lives are shortened when their energy turns into heat. Brake materials are burned with each press of the brake pedal. So, don’t drive so fast and try to avoid braking at very high speeds.

Don’t brake just because the car in front of you brakes. Many drivers touch the brake pedal for bad reasons or no reason at all. Just because a driver slightly taps his brakes and his brake lights come on, it does not mean that you have to slam on your brakes. Look for consistent illumination of the brake lights on the vehicle ahead of you and then brake.

If your trunk is full of sporting equipment or other cargo, get rid of it. Only carry what you need for each specific trip. Unnecessary weight will strain brakes more than you might imagine. Also, be sure to change your brake fluid periodically. Flushing out old brake fluid will allow the internal braking mechanics to last for years and help the brakes function as designed. Finally, do not expect your brake pads to last forever. Have your brakes inspected each time that your tires are rotated.