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3 Maintenance Tips for Mercedes Owners

Posted on February 28, 2014 by admin No Comments

If you own a Mercedes, you are in an elite club because the Mercedes has a well deserved reputation and you may not require Mercedes suv repair as long as you follow the recommendations offered the company regarding maintenance of this premium car.

The three best maintenance tips to reduce Mercedes suv repair

It is important to take your car to a qualified repair shop that has the staff to attend to foreign vehicles and has access to the parts that may need to be repaired or replaced. However, you should take care of your car regularly so that it does not need to go to a repair shop. What you can do on your own:

  1. Filters – the car has filters that remove large particles of dust and debris that can easily get clogged. These filters are used for filtration of engine air and also the air inside the vehicle. Given the high pollution levels currently prevailing clogged filters can reduce the quality of air inside the vehicle and can have a negative impact on the fuel mileage the car gives. It also reduces the cooling effects of the air-conditioner, putting more load on the fuel and the car. So clean the fuel and the air conditioning filters as soon as they are clogged and replace them when required.
  2. Brakes – brake parts and rotors are expensive, but extremely important as they keep everybody in the vehicle safe. This vehicle’s brake rotors are lightweight and can warp more easily when hot or even due to excessive wear and tear. These cannot be repaired and need to be replaced. A visual inspection of the rotors, pads, drums and shoes will show that the items are working properly or not. If you find anything suspicious go to the repair shop and get it seen by a professional who can decide whether the parts need replacement.
  3. Fluids – the car uses different fluids and all these need to be at the optimum levels. You can check the level of oil with a dipstick and top it up if required to the marked level – don’t add extra oil as it can be damaging. Check the coolant level when the car is on a level surface and top it up if necessary. Check the brake fluid level; this should be done weekly or after every refueling. However, the brake fluid needs to be renewed every two years.

Apart from these maintenance tips, you should keep your car washed and cleaned, get it regularly tuned and make sure that the tire pressure is at the peak level. If you live in Atlanta GA and need Mercedes suv repair, contact the experts, Munich West.