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Getting What You Paid For At Your Foreign Car Repair Shop

Posted on February 14, 2014 by admin No Comments

Getting what you paid for at your Foreign Car Repair Shop. Not all workshops are equipped to deal with a large range of foreign cars. If you have a foreign car repair, bring it to Munich West repair workshop. Munich West prides itself on specializing in foreign cars such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, Volvo, Audi, Saab, Mini, BMW and more.

Experts in their field

Munich West has been dealing with foreign car repairs since 1976. This means we have the skills, technical knowledge and experience to look after your car. We are committed to repairing your car to the highest standards and quality. Foreign car repair is what Munich West does best. We only use factory approved parts and we will ensure they are only fitted by highly qualified staff.

Munich West is committed to foreign car repair and offer pre purchase checks, complete maintenance regime, parts, batteries, tires and exhaust systems.

Customer care

Technicians will discuss your needs and will only undertake necessary work. If Munich West hasn’t parts in stock, they will send out for parts to ensure your car is back on the road in the shortest time possible and at a competitive price.

To keep our customers happy Munich West also offers a wide range of specials like:

Free travel checks to ensure you have a safe and hassle free journey.

For a modest fee, we can give you vehicle a coolant check and flush, ideal just before the winter months.

If you need suspension of new shock absorbers we offer 30% off of repairs.

Regular servicing and foreign car repair by qualified technicians will increase the life of your vehicle and ensure it gives reliable service. A car with a full service history has great part exchange value than a car without service documentation. Regular oil and filter changes will ensure your car engine not only last longer, but will give you greater fuel economy.

For high mileage and short journey vehicles, six monthly servicing is recommended to keep your car in tip top condition.

Value for your Dollar

Munich West will ensure you get total value for what you pay and are completely committed to customer satisfaction. We can undertake all foreign car repairs small or big.  We know from 40 years of experience happy customers come back, time after time. Contented customers will recommend their friends to us. We aim to be the best and competitively priced foreign car repair shop in your neighborhood and are here to serve you.