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Why Choosing The Proper Fuel Is Important

Posted on January 14, 2014 by admin No Comments

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With the different types of fuel out there, knowing which your car requires is important. At each gas station you pull up to you have several different octanes and additives to select from. These include these include regular (87 Octane Rating), plus/mid-grade (89 Octane Rating) and premium (92 Octane Rating). Each grade of gasoline burns differently. The lower the octane level, the easier the gasoline will burn.

So which should your car be running?

First off, check your manufacturer recommendations. Look in your owner’s manual to find out which fuel is recommended. If you do not have the owners manual, check with your nearby dealer or local repair shop, they can help you find this information. Unless your automobile runs on diesel fuel, regular unleaded 87 octane should be fine. Purchasing 87 octane fuel, not only gives your automobile the correct fuel , but it is the cheapest. So, sticking with it is best unless another grade fuel is required or suggested.

What about high performance vehicles and luxury cars? For these, a premium or mid-grade grade fuel is usually required. Using premium fuel in motorcycles, luxury and high performance vehicles is usually required. Premium and high octane fuel is not only used in high performance cars, but also for cars with smaller engines that generate more horsepower through high compression. Your vehicle only benefits from using premium or high octane if it is built to use it. There are no extra benefits to using premium grade if your vehicle calls for regular.

Choosing the correct fuel for your car or tuck is a vital part in keeping it in top running condition. The fuel type that is recommended for a car is factored into the way the engine is designed and should not be substituted for a gasoline with a lower grade. Choosing a fuel that your car in not designed for can damage the engine and in some cases void the warranty.