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Common Repairs For A Mercedes

Posted on January 4, 2014 by admin No Comments

Mercedes repair

Known for their luxury, safety, high standards and engineering excellence, Mercedes is often in a class all their own. Considered by many to be the finest automobile ever built, Mercedes-Benz is truly an incredible piece of machinery and technology. Yet, they are not above having common repair issues either. Here are some of the most common repair issues that many Mercedes owner have.

Oil Leak in Center of Vehicle:

Automobiles with electronically controlled transmissions,have a plastic sleeve where the wiring for the transmission control unit connects. Often the seals in these sleeves start to leak. Transmission fluid leaks externally and can reach the ground in some instances. This is a common repair that the qualified tech’s can repair, at first signs of leaking, to prevent further damage and avoid costly repairs down the road.

BAS Light On

Though this system can present a variety of issues, the most common problem with the ESP traction control and the BAS brake assist system is the brake light switch. Your brake lights still work but part of the switch has failed and the ESP/BAS control unit illuminates the warning lights.

Non-responsive ABC Suspension

Common problems include leaking pressure hoses, leaking pressure switches, failed pressure accumulators, non-functioning valve bodies and a failed pressure pump. While other shops often overlook maintenance of this system, Munich West can save you time, frustration and money while prolonging the life of your suspension by performing proactive maintenance and visual inspection of the system.

Flushing the ABC system periodically helps to lengthen the service life of the rest of the components, and European Auto Tech is here to help you.

For quality repairs for your Mercedes, call or come by!