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Keeping Your Volkswagen Serviced Locally

Posted on October 30, 2013 by admin No Comments

local volkswagen service

Volkswagen is known for their car free maintenance. Two years or 24,000 miles. That’s great for the first 24,000 miles… But what happens after that? It is up to you to find a qualified local Service center near you. Do you know what to look for in a qualified VW shop? Taking care of your VW is top priority as the owner. When you take your car to a locally owned Volkswagen Service center you know you’re getting the best service. You know that:

  • The work will be performed by trained employees at the shop that are certified to perform repairs on Volkswagen models.
  • All services will follow strict, mandated repair procedures
  • Wherever feasible, the facility will use Genuine Volkswagen Parts.
  • Employees have access to exclusive technical tools and repair information.

A local VW shop will be able to answer all questions that you have about routine maintenance. As well as that like squeak or the slight squeal that you heard Monday on the way into work. No questions or concern is over looked.

Do you know the maintenance schedule for your car? Every car is different and requires different maintenance at different mileage intervals. Just as oil changes are recommend at 5 and 10 thousand miles, a timing belt check is needed at ten and twenty thousand miles. Check here for a complete schedule for your model and take it with you to your local Volkswagen repair shop.