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What Does A Full Service Maintenance Shop Mean?

Posted on October 21, 2013 by admin No Comments

Alpharetta foreign car repair

When searching for a repair shop around Alpharetta, you more than likely are searching for a full service shop. But what does full service mean? To “fully” service a vehicle, means to be able to perform ALL aspects of auto repair. Full service really implies that no matter what the repair entails, it can be done “in house”. Some shops like to claim they are full service to get you in the door. Once you are in the door, they will sell you whatever items they can fix, and send you to the dealer for the items they cannot do.Check out these tips when having to deal with a car mechanic. Make sure you are getting full service.

Communicate Properly: It’s a good idea to write down ahead of time what ails your ride, noting specific sounds, sensations, leaks and smells, and when and how often they occur. What happened just before the car stopped running; how did it function the day before it didn’t start?

Expectations: Plan to leave a car in the shop for the better part of a day to obtain necessary service and be prepared to pay the going rate for parts and labor. Even if it’s a quick fix realize there may be several other cars ahead of yours in the mechanic’s service queue. Ask up front!

Availability: Leave phone numbers with the shop where you can be reached and respond promptly. If the technician isn’t able to contact you to approve a repair, the car will sit and remain unattended for that much longer.

Making sure that you are prepared and ready for the above, you should have a smooth trip to the local full service repair shop. For vehicles like Volvo, BMW, Saab and a select few others, Munich West offers 100% Full Service. We have factory tools, which means on these vehicles, we can perform ALL repairs “in house”, similar to the level of service found at the dealer. One advantage to us over the dealer is cost. Since we are not a franchised dealer, we do not incur many of the costs the dealers incur and therefore our overhead is much lower. This in turn means lower average repair costs for the consumer. Another advantage, since we are a small shop, the person who checks your car in is probably the technician working on your car. That means you get to establish a friendly profession relationship with your technician and you get knowledgeable answers to your car related questions.

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