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Saab Maintenance Schedule- Why it’s Important

Posted on September 26, 2013 by admin No Comments

Saab Maintenance Schedule

Routine car maintenance can be difficult to keep up with. As the proud owner of a Saab, routine maintenance is important. Failing to take care of your vehicle by having it regularly maintained can have negative effects.

  • High expenses – A reason many people use for not keeping their car maintained is cost. Unfortunately, regular maintenance left uncompleted can lead to much higher expenses down the road.
  • Accidents – Sometimes your car is trying to tell you something. Things such as squeaky brakes left untreated can lead to much worse problems such as brake failure that can lead to serious accidents.
  • Severe damage – As you can expect, leaving little problems un-repaired can lead to increased damage to your vehicle. A little problem is much easier to remedy than trying to undo severe damage.

There are a few ways to save money on your Saab Maintenance. Check with your local foreign car repair shop for specials. Many care repair shops take manufactures coupons. Also, check out the following checklist for the routine 6000 mile check up!



All light bulbs, check/adjust


Headlamp alignment, check/adjust


Service indicator, resetting


Change engine oil and oil filter. Check for leakage.


Check and adjust handbrake.


(Applies to cars with VIN up to and including X3025751): Rear brake pads, check/adjust/clean/lubricate.


Re-tighten front and rear suspension threaded joints.


Tyre pressure and wear, check/adjust.


Check and adjust coolant level.


Change brake fluid. Change at 2-year intervals, see service booklet.


Brake fluid and power steering fluid levels, check and adjust.


Battery, check condition.


Wash/wipe system, check/adjust. Top up washer fluid


Removable towbar attachment, check/adjust/clean/lubricate.


Road test.