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Mercedes’ Car-to-X Communications Systems Will Help You Navigate Atlanta Traffic More Easily

Posted on July 24, 2013 by admin No Comments


Mercedes will include the system in an upcoming new model. Source: Axion23

Rear-view cameras and blind-spot monitors are relatively new safety additions across many automakers. But within the next model year, Mercedes Benz is set to introduce the next major innovation when it comes to intelligent driving technologies.

The manufacturer is announcing that they will be the first to introduce Car-to-X technologies in a production vehicle for the 2014 model year. Not only will the technology be included on upcoming Mercedes-Benz cars and beyond, but it Mercedes-Benz also says it will be able to retrofit earlier models with the technology.

So what is Car-to-X? In a nutshell, it is a system that allows the exchange of information between equipped vehicles on the road, and the traffic infrastructure. By utilizing the technology, critical information can be relayed to drivers on the road in enough time to allow them to make the necessary adjustments to avoid dangerous situations. Unlike other early-warning systems for cars already in place, Car-to-X allows drivers to see beyond their basic line of sight.

The system will involve the use of a driver’s smartphone and a smartphone app. It will be integrated in to the vehicle in such a way that a driver will not be distracted while trying to operate their vehicle, yet it will also be able to be integrated as a retrofit solution in older models. This will allow Mercedes-Benz to install the technology not only in to upcoming Mercedes-Benz cars, but in to as many cars as possible as quickly as possible.

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