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Top Tips for Summer Car Maintenance in Atlanta

Posted on May 29, 2013 by admin No Comments


Keep your car clean to preserve the paint.

Due to the obvious hazards of winter driving, preventative auto maintenance when the snow starts flying gets a lot more attention than summer car maintenance does. While the hazards differ greatly, ignoring your car when the weather starts to heat up can have just as disastrous consequences. Follow these tips to get your vehicle ready for summer.

With clear skies and warm weather, the open road just seems to beckon us during summer. Whether you’re going on vacation or out for an evening cruise, make sure your car is ready for those trips by giving your tires a quick check-up. Warmer weather will increase the air pressure within your tires, so make sure to double-check it to make sure they are neither over- nor under-inflated.

Pay special attention to your car’s crankcase. Heavy driving in the summer heat can wear your engine’s oil out much quicker than it does in the winter. Also, depending on your vehicle, you may need to change your oil to a heavier weight to give your engine better heat protection.

Make sure to keep your car’s exterior clean, especially if you keep your vehicle outside. The sun’s rays alone can wreak havoc on your car’s paint, and bird droppings, pollen and tree sap on your paint can be very damaging.

Finally, check and service your air conditioning system before things get really hot. Have a professional give your cooling system a once over to check for leaks, low levels of refrigerant, and any other problems before you find yourself sitting in a hot car during rush hour.

Foreign automobiles need summer car maintenance just as badly as their domestic cousins. To make sure your Saab, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Mini, Audi or Volkswagen is ready for the dog days, contact our professionals at Munich West.

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