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Tips for Maintaining the Life of Your Tires

Posted on May 22, 2013 by admin No Comments


Clean tires last a lot longer.

While many drivers consider cleaning their wheels and tires an important part of maintaining their car’s appearance, it can also help extend the life of both. For better gas mileage and to save on costly replacements, follow these tips for tire maintenance.

The easiest maintenance you can perform for your tires is a simple eyeball test each day when you get in your vehicle. Check for noticeably under-inflated tires or for bald spots that may be developing on the tread. Under-inflated tires can not only negatively affect your miles per gallon, but it can also significantly reduce your tire’s life expectancy. Moreover, it may also put you in danger of creating dangerous driving conditions that can lead to disaster.

Make sure to check your tires’ tread life every so often. Tire tread depth gauges are commercially available, but you can also use a simple penny to test. Just insert the penny in to the tire’s tread with Lincoln’s face down toward the center of the wheel. If Lincoln’s face is covered, your tires have plenty of life left. However, if you can see his face, it may be time to replace your tires.

Cleaning and treating your tires can also help prolong their life by helping them resist UV rays as well as cracking and splitting. Make sure to use a cleaner/protector that is silicone free. Silicone can give tires a glossy appearance, but over time it will break down a tire’s built-in protectants and turn a tire brown.

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