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Prevent Rust From Taking Over Your Car

Posted on March 26, 2013 by admin No Comments


Our tips can get rid of that rust.

Taking care of the moving parts that keep our cars in motion comes as second nature to many car owners. But your vehicle needs special care as well to keep its number one enemy from damaging the exterior and interior of your vehicle. If you are wondering how to prevent car rust from taking over your vehicle, follow these easy tips.

  • First, keep your car clean. Rust results from many sources where salt comes in to contact with the metal of your car. In some regions, the ocean can result in saltwater in the air. In other areas, the salt applied to roads to help melt the ice can find its way onto your car. The best way to combat either is to wash your car regularly to negate its corrosive effects. To fight road salt, make sure to choose the wash that includes an underside spray.
  • Make sure to regularly wax your car was well. This gives your car’s exterior another level of defense against rust. When cleaning and waxing, check for chipped paint or deep scratches, and repair them as quickly as possible. These give rust an entry point on the surface of your car.
  • Inside, make sure your coolant is in proper ratio with the water in your radiator. A mix that is too high in water can contribute to corrosion in your cooling system. Also, make sure that drain holes, like those on the bottom of the doors, are free of debris. Water trapped in these areas can accelerate the development of rust on those surfaces.

For more tips on how to prevent car rust on your foreign car, contact the pros at Munich West. We will help you keep your Saab, Volkswagen, Mini, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo and Audi in peak condition.

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