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Why Your Foreign Car Should Not be Repaired at a Domestic Auto Shop


Posted on March 5, 2013 by admin 1 Comment


Not all engines are created the same.

While the line between what is considered a foreign and domestic car may be a bit blurry these days, one thing is not. When you need foreign auto repair in Atlanta, the repair shop you take it to should specialize in your make specifically, or at the very least specialize in foreign car care.

There are a number of reasons why just taking your foreign automobile to any old repair shop should be avoided. Can any repair shop work on your vehicle? Possibly, but just because all cars have four wheels and rely on combustion engines does not mean that their inner workings are at all similar. You want a technician that is familiar with your particular model.


We specialize in your car.

ASE certifications are very specific. Taking your foreign car to a domestic shop may be putting your vehicle in the hands of someone who is not certified for your specific make or model. Most foreign cars require vastly different sets of tools for their servicing. If you take your foreign car to a domestic shop, they may simply not have the correct tools to work on your vehicle.

It is no secret that repairs to foreign vehicles can often times cost more, due to where the parts need to be imported from, and labor charges may be higher on foreign vehicles also. Taking your car to a shop that specializes in foreign repair may help mitigate those costs due to the volume and experience they have with those vehicles.

When you are looking for foreign auto repair in Atlanta, look no further than Munich West. We specialize in Volvo, Audi, Saab, Mini, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen. We will take the time to get to know you and your vehicle, so we are fully equipped to care for your individual needs.

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